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Things to do in batam

Batam with many things that you will be able to enjoy in the city of batam, ranging from culture, language, a unique place with a variety of tourist attractions, sightseeing, shopping as well as the nightlife in batam which some people might want to know, especially for tourists who is young people

With what is served in batam will certainly attract visitors who like to shop for cheap fashion or just relax in some locations in batam

Many and broad places you need to know and you should visit several places that are the main itinerary destinations in batam, You can choose several places that you will visit, of course, ask for advice with your private drivers, whether the time and distance to these places can and enough time… some places that become icons of the city of Batam are the Barelang Bridge – welcome to Batam Monument,the best places you should visit that might be a reference for travel, please choose some of them For Itenerary recomended in batam

Shopping mall

  • Grand Batam
  • Nagoya Hill
  • Batam City Square ( BCS )
  • Mega Mall
  • Dc Mall


  • Wey Wey Seafood
  • Bay City Seafood
  • Golden Prawn 933 Seafood
  • Arai Pinang padang food
  • Sei Enam Seafood

Massage and reflexology

  • Indo thai massage
  • Spa Secret
  • Kamaya Spa
  • Kalea Spa

Recreation and Outdoor

  • Sea Forest advanture
  • Golden City GO-kart
  • Belalang Advanture

some of these places you can visit while the tour is taking place, hopefully you enjoy your pleasant city tour in Batam

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